Did you know dogs have the body temperature of 102-degrees, yet they can’t sweat to cool down, and are likely to get hyperthermia faster than humans would? This dog owner was clever and decided to build his lucky Lab a air-conditioned bed after he saw him digging up a flower bed to try and stay cool during the summertime.

First holes were made in the bed’s wooden frame (1 x 6 boards), for PVC pipe air inlets.

Inside the holes in frame, three small fans (the black squares) were set in.

The power for the fans were adapted by reusing an old computer power supply.

Just like in a home’s central air-conditioning, the bed frame was finished off with cooling duct pipes in a T-shape. Long zip-ties were used to hold the joined pipes to the frame.

Fabric was then stretched like a hammock across the frame for the 100 pound dog to lay on. It had to be stretched tight enough to support his weight! Staples didn’t work, so fasteners were used.

The duct covers were removed from the T-fit air pipes and frozen water bottles were inserted. The fans draw air through the covers with the slots, and the ice bottles cool the air. The air-conditioner works as long as the water bottles are frozen, when the water thaws, new frozen bottles need to replace them.

The air-conditioned bed cools the air by about 10 degrees, and this ole Labrador seems to love it! The owner said, “She likes it and the hammock like bed is super comfy for her old bones.”

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