A great example that “love can truly be blind”. . . literally.

Okay. . . we kinda know who’s throwing this party!

Look in the mirror, chances are you’ll end up with someone that matches your level of attractiveness. . . BUT there are exceptions to this rule AND being rich sure doesn’t hurt.

China’s hairiest man recently broke up with his gorgeous his girlfriend after two years. The news is the aspiring rock star personality is look for a wife!

Well, she’s showing us what she really thinks. Sorry, don’t think we can take this relationship seriously..

The marriage of brilliant writer Salman Rushdie and his now ex-wife model and TV personality, Padma Lakshmi had many people scratching their heads. BUT even more so when after Rushdie dated: Olivia Wilde and Scarlett Johansson! The message? If you’re not rich, be a genius!

Omg. . . Okay, how do they. . ? Poor Nicole?

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