Megan Mahony is a 25 year old gym teacher and basketball coach at Moore Catholic High School, on Staten Island, New York who was charged with 30 counts statutory rape of 16 year old male student

Nicole Dufault is a 34 year old mother of two and language arts teacher at Columbia High School, Maplewood, NJ who was accused of having oral sex and sexual intercourse with three 15 year old boys

Molly Shattuck is a 47 year old ex NFL cheerleader and life coach who was indicted on multiple charges of sex with her 15 year old son’s 15 year old friend.

Jennifer Collins McNeill is a 40 year old 6th grade teacher at Thorsby High, Birmingham, Alabama went after her son’s friend who was under 16 years old and whom he had met at church

Blair Porter is a 27 year old teacher and assistant softball coach at the Old Town Middle School, Richland, MS who was accused of having multiple threesomes with her husband and a 15 year old girl. She was seven months pregnant when she was arrested.

Ashley Zehnder is a 24 year old assistant cheer coach at Pasadena High School in Pasadena, TX who admitted to sex with an underage boy after he posted a nude picture of her on SnapChat.

Mary Faith McCormick is a 6th grade teacher at Saloam Springs Intermediate School in Arkansas who is awaiting trial for having sex with and exchanging lewd pictures with a 13 year old boy. She was caught when a 12 year old friend of the boy found the pictures on his phone.

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