The Never Ending Typing Bubble
I don’t know if you sat on your phone and accidentally pressed a single key or if you’re typing a novel, but that ominous floating bubble of mystery is driving everyone insane. 

The Rapid Fire
If you have a message you want to send, send it all at once. I don’t need 800 alerts because you insist on hitting send after every four words.

The Group Text Side Conversation
A group text can be a great way to help plan an event or for a group to catch up with each other, but the problem is when a side conversation starts and won’t end. Have you ever looked down and say 87 new messages only to realize none of them are to you and it’s just two of your friends mindlessly chatting in a group text? Stop that.

The Dismissive “K” 
By now you should definitely know that sending “K” as the reply is just about the worst thing you can do. It’s even worse when the person texted you a long message that should warrant a response that’s at least a sentence.

If you are intending to scream this text at me, then you’re doing a great job. If you’re just trying to communicate, please remove your finger from the caps lock button. Thanks.

The Ignorer
I know you saw my text. Why are you completely disregarding it and talking about something else, you monster?

The Super Abbreviator
You’re more than welcome to abbreviate a word here and there, but when there are no vowels in a sentence, it may be time to start expanding your vocabulary.

Non-Stop Emojis
Just like with the abbreviations, a few here and there are perfectly fine. However, if there are more emojis than words in your conversation, please stop. We’re all begging you.

The Suspense Builder
Just tell me what you’re going to say! Does “hey” mean you’re upset? Does it mean you’re happy? Are we hanging out? Are you coming to kill me? I DON’T KNOW!

The Phone Call Screener
If you want to talk, just call. Don’t send that creepy message that makes it feel like you’re about to ruin my life. No one has ever gotten that text and assumed it meant anything good.

The Follow Up
If someone didn’t respond to your text, they’re either busy at the moment or they don’t want to respond. It’s never a good idea to send 14 messages in a row trying to identify a service problem in their area. Most of the time they were just busy and now you look like an insane person.

I’m not completely anti-phone call, but if there’s something that would take 6 seconds to text and you choose to call me instead, I’ll mark your name out of my will.

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