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    Strategic Alliance

    School of Educators ( SA ) , in a professional manner has taken a zealous initiative to brand, promote , market and perform business development Program with its other services for clients ( company, organizations, institutions dealing in school products / services / offerings ) . The School of Educators ( SA ) offers a platform & tools to suppliers for generating business leads from over 1.2 million schools and 20 million educators, who use the platform to find reliable & competitive suppliers with tons of resources / articles for their empowerment.

    School , Colleges , University , Educators and students would have an advantage of browsing / access to latest products from which they could benefit at large. Today when innovations are done everyday in field of education School of Educators ( SA ) bridges the gap between the suppliers and School ,Colleges , University ,Educators and students .

    Broad Terms and conditions :

    1. School of Educators ( SA ) will become a dealer / distributor / franchisee / partner / sales agent in an Strategic alliance and the association will be termed as Strategic partnership between two organizations ( School of Educators ( SA ) and you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr organization hereafter termed as company ).
    2. School of Educators ( SA ) will do the branding, marketing to generate sales lead free of cost by
      – Email Campaign
      – SMS
      – Print advertisements in Printed Journal
      – Banner advertisements at strategic locations on all associated Websites
      – Brochure
      – Tele calling
      – Stalls at various fairs ( world book, conferences etc. )
      – Mailers etc.
    3. School of Educators ( SA ) will generate the sales inquiry / sales lead / customer requirement and transfer it to the company.
    4. 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp will do all the necessary task to convert the inquiry into business.
    5. School of Educators ( SA ) does not have manpower and will not deploy manpower to convert sales lead to business, School of Educators ( SA ) will only generate inquiry.
    6. School of Educators ( SA ) will invest the cost for generating inquiry and the company will not share any amount for it. The investment for inquiry generation may vary from $1 to $50000+.
    7. 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp will also have a dedicated page showcasing its business solutions with graphics, content & logo on http:// .
    8. 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp would also be able to showcase their multiple products on SOE product showcase*.
    9. School of Educators ( SA ) will help and support to identify the genuine customer with the efforts stated in point no. 2.
    10. School of Educators ( SA ) would charge 5% of the overall revenues generated from the company till the time company does business with the customer. The money have to be paid on monthly basis and School of Educators ( SA ) will in turn continue doing efforts for further branding and generating more sales leads to have good customers for the company.
    11. School of Educators ( SA ) will also take 5% revenue collected from the franchisor till the franchisee identified by School of Educators ( SA ) will do business with them. The money would be paid to School of Educators ( SA )School of Educators ( SA ) on monthly basis.
    12. The registration amount to stare the services is Rs. 5000/- ( $ 100 ) to be paid with filling and signing of registration form and agreement.


    Who can benefit :

    • Book Publishers
    • Teacher trainers
    • Franchisor seeking franchisee
    • School suppliers
    • e content / Digital developers
    • tutoring services
    • Workshop and conference organizers
    • Software company
    • IT companies
    • Award organizers
    • University and colleges
    • Placement consultants
    • Consultants in education
    • career, skill, student Assessment company
    • Smart-boards, Computer , IT hardware selling  company / manufacturer
    • Abacus, vedic maths, mental maths, robotic etc. hobby / vocational courses organizing company
    • Food joints in school / college / university
    • Training institutes, coaching institutes
    • Travel and tours organizers  / student exchange providers
    • furniture suppliers
    • uniform and dress vendors
    • Sports items manufacturers and suppliers
    • 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp expanding in chain of schools / play schools
    • Lab equipment suppliers
    • Playground suppliers
    • Educational toys suppliers
    • Promotional gifts / memento suppliers
    • Musical instrument suppliers
    • Courier agencies
    • Counseling services
    • curriculum suppliers
    • Banks
    • Vocational and Skill Development 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp
    • Distance Education University
    • Architects and interior designers etc. interested in educational institutions and students.

    Existing partners :

    We have successfully helped the following alliance partners achieve sales in ranging from 100-2000 schools / colleges / university / educators covering millions of students.




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