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    Principals Diary

    Impress you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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    July 2018
    M T W T F S S
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    1. Volume 2 Month 7 Day 14 – A Peer Tutor Program


      A Peer Tutor Program

      Although this program is not solely an English teacher program, I thought that the information might be useful. Below are the guidelines and [abbreviated] forms used in a peer tutor program. If you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp wish further information, please write.

      NOTE: Since I first made this material available, I have further reflected on the peer tutor program. When I administered it, I also had full-time responsibilities as an English teacher. In the press of papers and planning, I maintained a good program. However, I feel that it could be better by making several changes. First, if possible, a sensitive volunteer from the community should be found to administer the program, perhaps a former school counselor. [If a current school counselor were available, that might be best, but they have the same problem as most other teachers of being overloaded with other duties.] The person who administered the program then could have some time to teach the peer tutors skills that would help them do more than impart knowledge. Of course, transferring knowledge of the subject is the primary goal, but in my experience, often the first peer tutor contact was also the last. The students being helped, many times said that they ‘didn’t need any more help.’ It appears to me in retrospect, they said that because their problems were not so much lack of knowledge of the subject, but lack of tools to acquire that knowledge. Ideally then, peer tutors could teach these students how to gain knowledge, but they would need to do it in a non-threatening way to students with low self-esteem in that area.

      Therefore, some training in these areas by a skilled counselor/teacher would improve the program. As the peer tutors met for training, they could share problems and progress and build the spirit of the program. Incidentally, I would recommend avoiding rewards and incentives designed to attract students to the program that had nothing to do with helping students such as parties, trips, etc., that might attract students with no honest concern or sensitivity for helping and teaching.
      (Form 1)
                              SIUSLAW HIGH SCHOOL
                             (PTInfo.98B)    10/28/98

      1.  A tutor can be any student who is on the *unstructured list,  
          grades 10-12.  [*Is not assigned to a study hall.]

      2.  The tutor must be willing to spend at least one hour per week
          with students needing academic help.

      3.  Tutors must be knowledgeable in a specific area.

      4.  It will be noted on a tutor’s transcript that he/she         
          participated in the program.  Tutors will keep a record of help
          given to peers for this participation to be noted.


      1.  Students may request peer-tutor help through their classroom 
          teacher, their study hall teacher, or any other faculty member.
          Students wishing assistance also may go directly to a peer   
          tutor if one is available at an opportune time. When it is   
          arranged, the peer tutor, with a pass, may get the student from
          the study hall or classroom.
      2.  This program will be administered by Mr. _________ and Miss  

      3.  School sponsored tutoring will occur between the hours of 8 AM
          and 4 PM.

      4.  The media center, study hall, or a conference room will be used
          as the tutor area, if the classroom is not suitable.

      5.  Those with suggestions or problems please see Mr. _________.

      6.  Tutors are not to do students’ 中国福利彩票下载安装αppwork, only assist them.

      7.  NOTE: The peer tutor is responsible for the person being     
          tutored, and if the tutoring is done before period ends, the 
          person should return to their study hall, or class.  [The peer
          tutor should make sure the student gets back to the assigned 
      This list gives the peer tutors’ names, grade level and the subjects
      which they feel comfortable tutoring.
      (Form 2]
                             Siuslaw High School         
                            (PeerTLst.96A) 10-26-96

                           PEER    TUTOR    LIST

           NAME         Class                Subjects taught

      Shirey ________     12             English, Global Studies, Health
           SB-12                         Career Development, Pre-Algebra
                                         Western Civ., U.S. History,
                                         Political Science
      Aaron _________     12             All math, Eng. to Coll.Prep.3,
           AD-12                         Global Studies, Career Develop.
                                         Health, Biology, Physical
                                         Science, U.S. History

      Amber ________      12             Math to Geometry, Biology,
           ADv-12                        U.S.History, Wester Civ.,
                                         Spanish 1&2, Political Science,
                                         Global Studies, Career Develop.
                                         Physical Science, Chemistry

      Daniel ______       12             Global Studies, Career Develop.
           DH-11                         Health, English to Coll. Prep.3,
                                         Genl. Math to Alg.2, Biology
      #Peer Tutors-18
      This grid shows the school schedule, the tutors’ initials and
      grade level, placed in the time slot they are available to help.
      (Form 3)
                               SIUSLAW HIGH SCHOOL
                               PEER TUTOR GRID
       Monday      Tuesday      Wednesday   Thursday     Friday
      8-8:40 AM                                                      
       _________ | _________ | _________ | _________ | _________
      _________ | _________ | _________ | _________ | _________ 
      _________ | _________ | _________ | _________ | _________

      _________ | _________ | _________ | _________ | _________
      This record shows which tutors are matched up with which students
      and when they started their tutoring.
      (Form 4)
                             Siuslaw High School         
                             -PEER MATCHUP LIST- 1997/98
                            (PTMatchp.97B) 12-2-97

                           PEER    TUTOR    LIST

         TUTOR             STUDENT          SUBJECTS            DATES
      Pat ________        Sara _____          Geometry       10/23
                          Angela ______       Algebra        12/5     
      Matthew _______     Kim ______          Math           10/31
                          Randall _______     Geometry       10/23

      Jon ______          Misty ______        Algebra        10/23
           J H-12
      Valerie ____        Jeff _______        Algebra        11/21

      #Peer Tutors-17
      This is the form which students, counselors, parents, administrators,
      and teachers use to request peer tutors.
      (Form 5)
                             Siuslaw High School    
                             Peer Tutor Request      Date _____________
                               (PeerTutr.Rq3)  6/3/93

      Name of Student _____________________________  Grade 9 10 11 12

      Subject(s) in which help is needed ______________________________

      Person(s) requesting tutor _______________________________________

          1. Student __  2. Parent/Guardian __  3. Teacher __          
          4. Administrator __  5. Counselor __ 6. Other ____

      Times student is available for tutoring:
         Days _____ Per. ____  Before School _____  After school _____ 
                    **Return completed request form to Mr. _________
      Results of request:                  Date arranged ______________

           Peer tutor selected ________________________________________

            Meeting times arranged _____________________________
                     ******************    *******************
         Comments by student:   
             How did the peer tutor help you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp with you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr class? _________
             How might we help you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp more? ______________________________
          Comments by Peer tutor:
              How were you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp able to help the student? ___________________
              What could we do to make this contact more effective? ___
           *** Peer tutors and Students return form with comments to   
               Mr. _________ (Rm. 22 or the office)

      Submitted by Bindu Sharma


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