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    Principals Diary

    Impress you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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    July 2019
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    1. Volume 2 Month 12 Day 31- Series of Report Card Comments



      Here is a collection of report card comments for assessing different skills of students.

      50 Quick Report Card Comments for Assessing Students’ Math Skills

      When you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp have to write comments on you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr student’s report card concerning math skills, it is very important that you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp give the parents of you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr student’s information on how to correct the various issues. Remember, it is very important to include positive comments as well as constructional comments. In order to help you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr student progress, you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp will need to accurately inform their parents of their shortcomings and achievements. Below are 50 report card comments for assessing you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr student’s math skills, and they will help you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp clearly organize you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr thoughts concerning you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr student’s math skills.

      1. This student is able to clearly understand addition as well as subtraction. He or she is showing a great interest in math and is quickly adopting the necessary skills.

      2. _____is increasing his or her ability to calculate and perform addition and subtraction and is confident in his or her ability to do so.

      3. Is having difficulty with addition and takes more time to understand directions. I highly suggest going over addition rules and techniques with you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr child at 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp to help improve their skill level.

      4. He or she is quickly learning how to skip count by two’s, five’s and ten’s and is able to comprehend how this process works.

      5. Your child is able to comprehend and remember all of the math skills he or she has been taught in this reporting period.

      6. ____ is greatly improving over this reporting period, and is able to accurately solve addition and subtraction math problems.

      7. This student is falling behind in their basic math skills, and in order to improve them I suggest working with them at 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp.

      8. You child is able to successfully count to one-hundred without help or assistance from the teacher.

      9. _____ is able to sufficiently compare numbers against each other using the appropriate terms taught. They are also able to clearly explain why the numbers are greater or less than the others.

      10. You child is showing improvement in subtraction skills, and would show greater improvement with further 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp study.

      11. ____ is disinterested in learning math skills and is having a difficult time remembering basic techniques.

      12. This student is having a hard time showing their work with math problems, and requires additional assistance solving problems.

      13. _____ needs to show improvement in their ability to solve basic addition math problems. I highly suggest performing regular 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp study to help improve this math skill.

      14. Your child is falling behind in their basic math skills compared to the rest of the class.

      15. Student is progressing nicely, and is showing constant improvement with their math skills and abilities.

      16. _____ is showing a great attitude towards math. Please continue to work on basic math skills, such as addition, subtraction and multiplication with you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr child each night.

      17. Your child would benefit from further practice of their math skills. If possible, it would be recommended to spend time reviewing their math skills nightly.

      18. _____ understands the concept of mathematics using money.

      19. Your child can now count to ____ without the assistance of the teacher.

      20. _____ is beginning to memorize their numbers and basic addition. With further regular 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp study he or she will greatly improve their math skills.

      21. This student is excelling in most of their math skills, but they need to begin concentrating on the following skills:

      22. _____ is unable to easily remember facts and figures with his or her math skills. It would be beneficial to you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr child if you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp would review their daily assignments with them each night.

      23. _____ has begun to understand addition and subtraction signs, and is able to solve basic mathematic problems with them.

      24. This student is still reversing numbers.

      25. _____ is continually showing difficulty in understanding some of the basic math problems. I would enjoy having a meeting with you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp to discuss several different methods to help you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr child with these issues.

      26. Your child is demonstrating the ability to understand various math concepts easily.

      27. Communicates well with students, as well as with the teacher.

      28. If _____ does not understand a problem, he or she is quick to ask questions and listen carefully to answers.

      29. ______ is showing a great interest in mathematics and is improving his or her math skills quickly.

      30. This student can solve problems with very little assistance from the teacher. You may want to work with you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr child on _______ in order to improve their knowledge.

      31. _____ rarely solves problems independently, and requires the assistance of the teacher for the majority of their math problems.

      32. Your child shows a basic understanding of their math skills, but still requires assistance applying these skills.

      33. Can accurately solve basic mathematic problems.

      34. _____ has successfully met all of the requirements up to this point, and is continually showing improvement and comprehension.

      35. _____ is having difficulty explaining the rules of addition and subtraction. I suggest more 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp study within these areas. However, you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr child is exceeding in his or her other math skills.

      36. _____ shows a lack of comprehension with their basic math skills.

      37. This student needs to ask for additional help when performing their math problems.

      38. _____ is moving too quickly throughout their work, and has many errors within their math skills. Needs to learn to slow down their pace when working with basic math problems.

      39. Can appropriately demonstrate all basic math skills discussed throughout this reporting period.

      40. _____ is helpful to other students and can accurately give them help.

      41. Your child enjoys solving problems for the class.

      42. _____ excels in group activities and seems to work best within a group.

      43. _____ needs assistance understanding decimals and multiplication.

      44. This student has shown excellent worth ethics with their math skills and is developing ahead of his or her class.

      45. _____ asks very few questions, but is showing a good understanding of their math skills.

      46. _____ creates problem-solving strategy’s that are different from those taught.

      47. Communicates their difficulties in understanding math problems.

      48. _____ is not afraid to ask questions about their math skills.

      49. Can apply their mathematical knowledge with little to no errors.

      50. _____ needs to double-check their answers prior to submitting them. Their work is frequented by minor errors that can be easily fixed by reviewing their problems.

      50 Quick Report Card Comments for Assessing Elementary Students’ Attitude and Effort

      When you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp have to comment on a student’s attitude and efforts within the classroom, it can become difficult to clearly assess their progress. With report card comments, you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp need to ensure they clearly point out any problems that need to be addressed, as well as highlighting improvements and strengths. Below are fifty report card comments that will help you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp correctly assess you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr student’s attitude and effort concerning schoolwork.

      1. While this student has shown improvement in their attitude towards school assignments, he or she is not showing constant changes. He or she will need to obtain guidance throughout the remainder of the school year from both 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp and school.

      2. _____’s grades are a direct reflection on their attitude towards school and schoolwork. There is room for improvement with their overall attitude and dedication to school.

      3. When _____ applies him/herself to their schoolwork, their overall work is improved. However, this student needs to focus more on getting work done in the time allotted.

      4. Even though there have been decent improvements within his or her attitude, _____ needs to be reminded of their attitude, and is frequently asked to be more respectful.

      5. You child is showing great improvements in group activities, and he or she is eager to learn.

      6. ____’s attitude is improving and he or she is always happy to participate in class discussions.

      7. While _____ attitude is acceptable, he or she needs to put more effort into their daily schoolwork.

      8. This grade is a direct reflection of _____’s work ethic. He or she does not complete in-class assignments, and could do much better in class if he or she further applied themselves to their schoolwork.

      9. _____ has a great attitude towards school and schoolwork, and is always helpful to other students.

      10. Your child is the classroom leader, and is always willing to help out other classmates when needed.

      11. _____ has been having difficulty listening during class, and he or she is often distracted when working on class assignments.

      12. _____ is extremely enthusiastic when it comes to participating in class, and it is always a pleasure to have him or her take part in discussions.

      13. _____ responds well to direction, and quickly applies this correction to their work and social habits.

      14. _____ has a good attitude towards work, and always hands in assignments on time. However, this student is shy when it comes to classroom discussions.

      15. This student has plenty of personality, and it always first to raise their hands to answer a question.

      16. _____ is respectful to the other students, and takes turn talking.

      17. _____ has a sense of humor that is quite enjoyable in the classroom.

      18. _____ is often tired at school and is caught taking naps during quiet times of the day.

      19. Your child is extremely pleasant to have around and very friendly to everyone in the class.

      20. _____ is a thoughtful student, and respects the opinions of others.

      21. _____ has a good work ethic, however, he or she has a problem talking during inappropriate times.

      22. Your child is very confident in their school abilities and also exemplifies excellent manners.

      23. This student’s disposition is very pleasant, and all of the other students enjoy spending time with him or her.

      24. ____ was shy at first; however, he or she is quickly gaining self-confidence within the classroom.

      25. Your child is learning how to be a better listener, and takes direction very well.

      26. _____ consistently occupies his or her time with constructive activities.

      27. _____ was having problems sharing; however, he or she is learning how to share their belongings as well as listening to others.

      28. Your child is very helpful around the classroom and is also extremely dependable.

      29. This student has made improvements in his or her _____ skills.

      30. _____ is showing consistent improvement with their attitude and effort in the classroom.

      31. Your child is eager to learn, and is quick to improve in areas that are lacking.

      32. In order to help you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr child with their work ethic, I suggest spending time with them each night going over their 中国福利彩票下载安装αppwork.

      33. _____ is very anxious to please his or her teacher and classmates.

      34. Your child makes friends very easily and is getting along with nearly every classmate in his or her room.

      35. This student works very well in group settings and is always contributing to the group.

      36. _____’s attitude is excellent, and it is a joy to have him or her in the classroom.

      37. Your child is showing a mature vocabulary, and is eager to learn new words.

      38. This student needs a better stand on responsibility in the classroom.

      39. Your child has great organizational skills.

      40. This student takes his or her academic studies very seriously, and is excelling within the class.

      41. If _____ is going to improve their grade, he or she will need to improve their attitude towards schoolwork and other classmates.

      42. _____ can follow directly extremely well, and is extremely self-sufficient within the classroom.

      43. In the beginning of this reporting period, ____ was far behind the class, however, he or she has improved their efforts in the classroom and is now performing greatly in all subjects.

      44. _____ works very hard for his or her grades, and is constantly asking questions on how to improve their work.

      45. Your child is learning how to become a better listener as well as learning how to cooperate with other student effectively.

      46. _____ has shown great potential with their efforts, however, I would like to see them more focused on completing their school assignments.

      47. Your child is an extremely motivated student, and is always applying his or her highest effort into all of their classroom assignments.

      48. _____ has shown improvements with their attitude towards school, however, he or she still needs to focus more within the classroom.

      49. This student excels in classroom work, but has a problem with excessive talking.

      50. _____ does not follow directions and is frequently disobeying classroom rules.

      50 Quick Report Card Comments for Assessing Elementary Students’ Work Habit Skills

      Having to access a student’s work habits for their report cards can be a difficult task. This is because most students exhibit different work habits, so you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp will want to evaluate their habits correctly. Below are fifty report card comments that will help you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp assess you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr student’s work habits efficiently.

      1. As seen in previous report cards, _____ is having a hard time using their time wisely while they are in class. I suggest that you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp speak with you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr child about study time while in class.

      2. Your child is constantly seeking attention from his or her classmates, which has caused many distractions within the classroom. His or her work is suffering from their eagerness to talk with his/her neighbors, however, when he or she settles down, their work is much better.

      3. _____ is improving in their overall work habits, however, he or she is still needing encouragement in strengthening their work ethic.

      4. Your child is extremely artistic, and he or she enjoys drawing, however, he or she needs to learn there is a time to draw and a time to study.

      5. _____ has been consistently turning in work on time, and it is at his or her current grade level. Yet, I am convinced that he or she is able to do better within their schoolwork. I suggest working with you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr child on concentrating more during their work.

      6. Your child is capable of completing the assigned tasks on time, however, he or she is constantly wasting time daydreaming or doing other activities instead of working on the current assignments.

      7. _____ is not consistent when with his or her schoolwork. Even though they are able to turn in satisfactory work, it seems that he or she becomes restless during study times. I suggest working with you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr child on helping to build their concentration skills.

      8. _____ is constantly disturbing other students by talking with them during study time. Because of this they are having difficulty with their schoolwork. He or she is improving with this habit; however, I suggest that you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp continue to work with you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr child with this issue.

      9. You child works great in group settings, however, when he or she is on their own their work begins to suffer. While having the ability to work well with others is important, _____ needs to learn how to work individually.

      10. _____ is having a hard time paying attention in class, and their work habits are consistently declining.

      11. While _____ was having a difficult time keeping up with the class at the beginning of this reporting period, he or she has been steadily improving over the past couple of weeks.

      12. Your child has a great work ethic and is always eager to begin school assignments.

      13. _____’s work habits are well above their current grade level, and are consistently improving.

      14. Your child needs to learn better work ethics concerning 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp study and 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp work assignments.

      15. _____ is improving; however, they require an incentive to work harder.

      16. This student has excellent work habits concerning group activities. He or she is willing to undergo challenges and is eager to solve problems. They are an inspiration to other student’s in the class.

      17. Your child needs to be encouraged at 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp to work on his or her own.

      18. _____ has a decent work ethic; however, he or she needs to work better on creating a sense of responsibility for their actions.

      19. _____ enjoys having responsibilities and consistently follows through with duties given to them.

      20. Your child is learning to become a better listener and is taking directions better than in the past.

      21. This student is a great worker, and is eager to learn new techniques.

      22. Your child has wonderful handwriting and is greatly improving their writing abilities.

      23. _____ is constantly handing in careful work that is free of numerous errors.

      24. _____ seems to be focusing in class, but he or she is turning in work with careless errors.

      25. This student needs to learn better organizational skills, which I believe will help his or her work ethic.

      26. Overall _____’s work is satisfactory; however, they need to take more time to proofread their completed assignments.

      27. You child is constantly occupying their downtime with constructive activities.

      28. _____ is learning independence and enjoys working alone.

      29. Your child has to be urged to work harder.

      30. While _____ work is improving, he or she is working at a much slower pace than the rest of the class.

      31. This student is easily distracted and is also an easy distraction for other students.

      32. _____ enjoys getting their work done quickly, however, with this speed they are experiencing many careless mistakes. ____ needs to learn that they can slow down with their work. Try to encourage you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr child to double-check their work.

      33. _____ is constantly enthusiastic about their schoolwork.

      34. It takes a long time for _____ to comprehend their work, however once they do, the work is error-free. I would like to meet with you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp to discuss ways we can help _____ increase their comprehension time.

      35. ____ is always seeking information.

      36. Your child works very hard to get their assignments done accurately and quickly.

      37. _____ is very polite to other students and is more than willing to help them with their schoolwork.

      38. Your child is very anxious to please the teacher.

      39. _____ has been inconsistent with their efforts to increase their abilities in schoolwork.

      40. Your child is a very polite student.

      41. _____ seems to understand work within the classroom, but is unable to complete 中国福利彩票下载安装αppwork or self-study assignments.

      42. Your child is a great problem solver.

      43. _____’s work habits are getting better; however, I would like to see him or her have more dedicated work habits at 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp.

      44. _____ is very observant and can take directions very well.

      45. _____ is a very dependable student, and is constantly turning in assignments on time.

      46. Due to _____’s work habits, he or she has made a very fine report card.

      47. Shows eagerness to improve their work habits.

      48. _____ is always willing to take direction and directly apply it to their schoolwork.

      49. Excels in his or her work habits.

      50. _____ has great work ethics in most of their school subjects, however, they need improvement with the following subjects:

      50 Quick Report Card Comments for Assessing Elementary Students’ Writing Skill

      These quick tips will help you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp accurately assess you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr student’s writing skills for their report cards. Remember whenever you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp are writing these comments; feel free to customize them in order to accurately explain a particular student. Whenever you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp have to write a negative comment, always include a positive ending statement, if applicable, to show the student is improving or progressing in some ways. Customizing report card comments can be easy if you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp create notes for each student throughout the entire reporting period. Within these notes make sure that you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp include all important information regarding the student’s writing skills.

      1. _____ understands how to accurately use punctuation and easily comprehends the rules regarding punctuation.

      2. Has a vocabulary that is substantially larger than most of the other students. Is interested in learning new words, and thus suggest having the child read and write at 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp.

      3. Is able to compile complex sentences that are clear, precise and correct.

      4. ____ is willing to learn new writing skills and quickly applies these skills within their writing.

      5. Has the ability to copy sentences correctly and enjoys performing this assignment.

      6. Needs to increase his or her placement of words. They are often misplaced throughout their writings.

      7. Is not able to write clear and understandable sentences.

      8. ____ is not willing to listen to direction concerning their writing skills.

      9. Seems to be not interested in writing and is easily distracted from this school task.

      10. Enjoys writing stories and can compile unique and interesting sentences.

      11. Does not understand how to appropriately use commas.

      12. Is not respectful of other students with their writing.

      13. This student is having a hard time understanding cursive writing. My suggestion is to help him or her at 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp with their cursive writing skills.

      14. _____ can remember most of cursive alphabet, but has a hard time with the following letters (put the letters here), I suggest working with him or her every night with these letters.

      15. ____ is behind the rest of the class with his or her writing skills.

      16. Is able to clearly write grammar, spelling and punctuation with little to no errors or failing to follow directions.

      17. Shows the ability to instantly use spelling, punctuation and grammar rules that were just learned. Is able to quickly comprehend new skills and is eager to apply them to their writing.

      18. This student requires extra attention concerning the application of previously learned skills and techniques. He or she is unable to comprehend directions quickly and usually requires further detailed directions.

      19. Does not show enthusiasm sharing his or her writing projects with the rest of the classroom. Needs to gain confidence within their writing skills.

      20. Rarely is involved in group writing assignments, and does not regularly contribute to the group.

      21. Is able to write in a complete and easy-to-understand way. Has the ability to write complex thought patterns.

      22. Enjoys writing to help improve their own writing skills. Is able to find his or her own mistakes within their writing.

      23. This student utilizes a wide array of writing forms.

      24. _____ is able to create clear and effective writing, which is interesting to read and easy to comprehend.

      25. Has extremely difficult time remembering previously discussed writing skills and is often found making errors within punctuations, grammar, word usage and overall sentence structure. Needs improvement in basic writing skills.

      26. Does not have the ability to edit written text by themselves; requires the assistance of the teacher to make the mildest revisions.

      27. _____ is not willing to take part in group writing activities.

      28. This student has a low self-confidence when it comes to his or her writing skills. He or she needs to continue practicing their writing skills at 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp in order to improve them.

      29. Has shown great improvement with his or her writing skills and is consistently increasing their writing comprehension and techniques.

      30. _____ frequently displays grammatical errors within their writing.

      31. _____ needs to work on their handwriting skills. This student is behind the rest of the class concerning this technique, thus I suggest setting aside time at 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp to practice these skills.

      32. Has a great understanding in writing non-phonic words. Is able to spell complex words with little to no errors.

      33. This student is unable to write complex words and is frequently misspelling non-phonic words.

      34. _____’s overall quality of work is quite poor and has not shown improvements.

      35. Performs carelessly with his or her writing assignments.

      36. Does not show interest in learning writing skills and is disinterested quickly.

      37. _____ take’s pride in their writing work, and exhibits confidence with their writing skills.

      38. Is not afraid to showcase their writing skills in front of the class.

      39. This student is conscious of putting neatness into their daily writing work, and is usually found going above-and-beyond the minimal requirements.

      40. Is able to take directions well and instantly apply them to his or her writing skills.

      41. Enjoys performing their writing assignments independently and is enthusiastic about all writing assignments.

      42. Needs to work on handwriting skills.

      43. Understands how to incorporate complex words into their sentences while still keeping the tone and flow natural.

      44. ____ is strongly encouraged to engage in 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp writing activities to help improve his or her writing skills and overall quality of work.

      45. Requires constant supervision and direct assistance with their writing assignments and is unable to complete an entire assignment without writing errors.

      46. Highly suggest reviewing cursive writing skills at 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp to help improve their cursive writing skills.

      47. Is able to write correct spelling, punctuation and language when writing short, simple sentences.

      48. _____ needs improvement placing correct language and punctuation within simple sentences.

      49. This student is unable to compose complex sentences that are clear and grammatically correct. I suggest reviewing writing skills and techniques at 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp to help improve writing quality and errors.

      50. _____ is a great speller!

      100 Great Report Card Comments for K-6 Students

      Are you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp using the same comments on you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr report card, and starting to feel like it is mundane work? Here are some great report card comments that you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp might consider using. When writing comments on a report card, the most important thing to remember is to be honest about a student’s progress.

      1. _____ is showing enthusiasm in his work.

      2. _____ is using his free time constructively.

      3. _____ uses her time wisely.

      4. _____ has progressed wonderfully.

      5. _____ is showing signs of leadership in the classroom.

      6. _____ has great potential in _____.

      7. _____ is a good citizen.

      8. _____ is working to his full capacity.

      9. _____ needs to improve skills in _____.

      10. _____ needs to pay more attention.

      11. _____ is working diligently on his _____.

      12. _____ is learning to be a better listener.

      13. _____ participates very well in class.

      14. _____ is showing signs of independence.

      15. _____ is still struggling with _____.

      16. _____ wants responsibilities and follows through.

      17. _____ has a better attitude.

      18. _____ is a hard worker.

      19. _____ has a winning personality.

      20. _____ follows directions well.

      21. _____ is steadily improving in _____.

      22. _____ is following suggests to improve in _____.

      23. _____ is eager to improve in ______.

      24. _____ is cooperative in class.

      25. _____ likes to volunteer in class activities.

      26. _____ should be proud of his report card.

      27. _____ is great at encouraging other students.

      28. _____ works well with classmates.

      29. _____ needs to improve her attention span.

      30. _____ learns new spelling words quickly.

      31. _____ has shown strength in _____.

      32. _____ is a conscientious worker.

      33. _____ has contributed to many class discussions.

      34. _____ is anxious to please.

      35. _____ has been disrupting the class lately.

      36. _____ needs improvement in reading comprehension.

      37. _____ is applying skills to all of his work.

      38. _____ gets along well with her classmates.

      39. _____ is cooperative.

      40. I appreciate _____’s cooperation in class.

      41. _____ is showing steady progress in overall academics.

      42. _____’s quality of work is improving.

      43. _____ is showing a desire to do better in _____.

      44. _____’s grade level achievements are well maintained.

      45. _____ is working well independently.

      46. _____ acts responsibly in class.

      47. _____ needs to work on his talking in class.

      48. _____ is full of enthusiasm when it comes to _____.

      49. _____’s sense of humor is enjoyable.

      50. _____ has a stupendous attitude.

      51. _____ does not work well with large group discussions.

      52. _____ is not participating as I would’ve hoped.

      53. _____ is able to grasp new concepts readily.

      54. _____ may exceed _____ grade expectations.

      55. _____ needs to develop a greater sense of responsibility.

      56. _____ is quite mature in class.

      57. _____ tries very hard in everything he does.

      58. _____ has strong work habits in all areas.

      59. _____ puts ideas in his head onto paper very well.

      60. _____ is excelling in _____.

      61. _____ demonstrates good reading habits.

      62. _____ stays well organized in class.

      63. _____ is able to organize her thoughts very well.

      64. _____ seems to have extensive knowledge in _____.

      65. _____ is struggling to keep up with 中国福利彩票下载安装αppwork assignments.

      66. _____ needs to improve his work habits.

      67. _____ is well mannered and respectful to me and other students.

      68. _____ has adjusted to _____ very well.

      69. _____ is capable of achieving higher than average in _____.

      70. _____’s attitude makes it hard for her to get along with other classmates.

      71. _____ is consistent in his efforts.

      72. _____’s accuracy is failing because of unnecessary speed in written work.

      73. _____ has a hard time following directions.

      74. _____ consistently fails to finish independent assignments in _____.

      75. _____ has the ability to comprehend, but needs to work more quickly.

      76. _____ enjoys _____.

      77. _____ listens carefully.

      78. _____ is reading at a grade ____ level.

      79. _____ has mastered _____.

      80. _____ is very interested in reading.

      81. _____ speaks clearly.

      82. _____ is muffling words, making it hard to understand him.

      83. _____ has confidence in her work.

      84. _____ is able to speak effectively before the class.

      85. _____ shares with others in the class.

      86. _____ has a good understanding of vocabulary words, and is able to use them correctly.

      87. _____ has a good attitude towards school.

      88. _____’s work level is below average in _____.

      89. _____ is easily distracted.

      90. _____ turns in neat work that is done accurately.

      91. _____ is not completing assignments in the allotment of time given.

      92. _____ is especially good at _____.

      93. _____ requires more supervision than expected at this grade level.

      94. _____ needs encouragement to do things on her own.

      95. _____ often completes assignments early.

      96. _____ takes pride in his work.

      97. _____ needs to concentrate better.

      98. _____ cares about the other students in her class.

      99. _____ does not work well without direct supervision

      100. _____ is often tired during school hours

      Keep in mind that you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp should elaborate on the things that you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp comment on. Parents/guardians appreciate tips on how they can help their child improve, if they failing at something. It also makes sense to tell the parents/guardians what you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp are trying in class to correct a situation, so they can do the same at 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp.


      Vishal Jain


    2. Volume 2 Month 12 Day 30- Designing Report Card

      Report Card Categories Below are different categories to be included in report card. It can help teachers in designing a complete report card. It would be better if report card include comments on different subjects like math, science, arts, language, social studies, physical education etc. Teachers should write report card... Comment
    3. Volume 2 Month 12 Day 29- Understanding and Encouraging Introverted Children

      We all are well familiar with the two famous personality type- Introverts and Extroverts. Extroverts are often praised for being socially active whereas introverts are considered to have personality problem. The personality of an introvert is considered as an unimpressive personality. This kind of discrimination is widely practiced at 中国福利彩票下载安装αpp... Comment
    4. Volume 2 Month 12 Day 23- Book Review

      BOOK REVIEW   Author: Brahm Norwich; Book: Dilemmas of Difference, Inclusion and Disability-International Perspectives and Future Directions; ISBN: 978-0-415-39847-3 (pbk); Published in 2008; Publisher: Routledge; Publication Place: USA and Canada; List Price: $44.95; Pages: 228   The book ‘Dilemmas of Difference, Inclusion and Disability’ is a well-intended attempt to examine... Comment

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