By day, Andre McDonnell, a 40-year-old man, works as a retail employee at the trendy SoHo store Atrium. That's how Andre makes ends meet. However, at night, he gives away donated shoes to those who would never dream of owning a new pair.

It all started a few years back after Andre played a game of basketball with his friends. While walking home Andre saw a nearby homeless man without any shoes and was moved to give his own shoes to the man. "As I walked away, I felt the gravel under my own feet, and it just hit me there has to be something more that I can do," Andre explained.

Andre was compelled to create the charitable movement It's From the Soul. Now Andre receives tons of donations from equally charitable New Yorkers. He treks every day from SoHo to Grand Central and Union Square to distribute the donated athletic shoes to those who need it the most.

His only aim is to make those in need walk a little easier through their already rough lives. It's a simple goal, but it will mean the world to those who are less fortunate and down on their luck.

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