Ugly girls have to work harder to get a man and keep a man. That’s why some really beautiful women lay there like a dead fish, while the ugly girl is up for anything and aiming to please.

Most groups of girls have the grenade. They’re friends because she is funny and probably does things for them. The pretty girls bring all the boys to the yard, the grenade gets tossed after everyone pairs up. Take cover.

The girl on the left is pretty damn cute wearing her pearl necklace and giving those come hither eyes. Well, something must have happened. Maybe she didn’t get the call she was waiting for and suddenly, like the Hulk, she changed into ugly.

Then there’s the ugly girl with all the hot friends. She figures her pretty friends will attract the guys and she can just take the leftovers that they don’t want.

The ugly friend can make any girl look hot. She may be so-so, or just decent alone, but when she’s out with ugly, she’s suddenly a hot babe.

Did you know that the girls in these pictures are both the same girl. Yep, she’s hot on the left, but a few little contortions of the face and whoa! You’ve got ugly right there.

Be careful with this one guys. She’s beautiful and ugly all in one. You take her home as a hot girl and wake up to an ugly girl It’s all in the make up.

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