I bet everyone has a giri friend who behaves this way

Attention whoring just won’t stop

We remember when 14 year old girls were NOT posing in their skivvies and posting it for their whole school to see. Yeah, things were weird in the nineties.

We sincerely hope that this girl decided to go as Minnie Mouse for Halloween this year, not modeling her newest dress for the school dance. These days, you never know.

Look at these two superstars! Two of the hottest females on the planet forming a truce that can only be said through the magic of matching haircuts. Just beautiful.

A well done eyebrow waxing can do wonders for a woman’s outward appearance and self-confidence. When people begin wondering whether your eyes are sponsored by Nike, you might have over-did it.

You can’t. There is no difference. We set you up for failure with a question that has no answer. How does that taste?

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