While dating you’re likely in the best shape EVER to zip around like a ninja. . . BUT after marrying you might need some help.

You make a point to both go out on dates together even while married with kids, BUT you forget date night means SEX.

True. . . One of you has the luxury of NOT working if married. BUT if “single”, sorry you’ll have to clock-in.

Before the wedding, he’s King of the jungle. But afterwards. . . guess who’s boss?

In the movies being “single and sex” is SO overrated. Although being married in real life is the way to go in the boudoir.

BUT the “infographic” said, single guys don’t get as much sex as their married counterparts? We guess married guys may get a lot more sex, but they make babies too.

Once married forever married. . . Okay, here’s another good reason NOT to get married! So single people don’t have as much sex compared to being married. . . BUT after marriage their looks goes to pot. . . No winning here?

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