You may think of sailors who get tattoos in distant lands, but there’s nothing masculine about this alluring Classic Vintage Rose and Sparrow!

What girl doesn’t want to have a fairy watching over her?

It looks like loose brushstrokes.. like a tattoo watercolorist used her body as a canvas for this ethereal bluebird. Very pretty!

“My fourth tattoo and my favorite. A snowflake in tribute to my dog ​​’Snow’. Angels never die, it will be eternal.” The turquoise blue ink is stunning!

If you need inspiration, just look down ..it’s a good “word” to be reminded of and an adorable design too! The way these two tattoos arch to meet each other is lovely and very feminine.

Are you fascinated with the Russian toys of wooden dolls that fit into each other? The folksy decoration painted on these dolls are what’s even more wonderful and this tattoo captures that! ..nice!

Aren’t these watercolor tat designs whimsical?! The look is unexpected.. so delicate it almost appears it could wash off in the shower.. but no, they’re permanent ..lovely!

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