The Royal Penthouse suite at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland is definitely an experience that stands alone. However, when you realize that the price PER NIGHT is $81,000 dollars you might just change your mind. So here are a few specs regarding the priciest suite in the world…

Each suite is 18,000 square feet in size, has 12 bedrooms, armored doors and bullet proof windows (just in case that rough Swiss crowd starts acting up AGAIN). There is an executive boardroom, a Steinway grand piano, a 103 inch television that costs $130,000 and a personal staff that includes a chef and a butler. Of course each room has a private elevator, a guard room and access to a helipad. And lastly the suite has a fitness center, a billiard room, and a salon.

Visitors have included Bill Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev amongst other world famous personalities and it goes without saying that you have to be part of the wealthy elite to even consider visiting this particular hotel suite in your lifetime.

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