Taylor Momsen brought the character of little Cindy Loo Who to life starring opposite Jim Carrey in 2000. She went on to star as a regular in Gossip Girl.

In 1991, Christina Ricci took on the role of Wednesday Addams and fit our preconceived notions of the character to a “T.”In 2015, we can expect to see her in the Lizzie Borden Chronicles, a TV mini series.

Emma Watson is well known for her character Hermoine Granger, but she went on to more adult roles and can be seen in the upcoming film LA LA Land.

The shocking ending to Orphan sent everyone in a tailspin when Isabelle Fuhrman as Esther creeped us out in a way no little girl has since The Exorcist. Look for her in the upcoming film “Ce;;.”

In 1982, we met Gertie played by Drew Barrymore and we fell in love with both the character and the actress. Luckily, the actress stayed with us and has been entertaining us ever since.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter is etched in our minds forever, and he still looks the same.

One only has to say the name Damien to conjure up the image of the little boy int he black suite. Harvey Stephens looks nothing like that now and chose a career outside of the movie business, however he made in appearance in the remake of “The Omen” in 2006 as a TV Reporter.

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