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    Principals Diary

    Impress you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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    July 2018
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    1. 中国福利彩票下载安装αppschool vs. School-at-中国福利彩票下载安装αpp

      By: Linda Warren   Most people believe that if you中国福利彩票下载安装αppr child does not go to public or private school that they are being 中国福利彩票下载安装αppschooled. Maybe or maybe not. That depends on who you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp ask and what definition of 中国福利彩票下载安装αppschooling you中国福利彩票下载安装αpp follow. School-at-中国福利彩票下载安装αpp School-at-中国福利彩票下载安装αpp is generally considered at school curriculum administered at... Comment
    2. Innovation in India

      Innovation and competitiveness have a dynamic, mutual relationship. Innovation thrives in a competitive environment and in turn, plays a key role in the achievement of such an environment. Innovation generates economic value, new jobs in the economy and cultures of entrepreneurship. National Knowledge Commission (NKC) presented a document on ‘Innovations in India’. While literature on Innovation has been growing in recent times, the NKC... Comment
    3. Educational Technology

      NCERT Position Paper National Focus Group on Educational Technology National Focus Group suggests the use of Technology for improving the quality of education in India. Educational technology is required for the following: to revitalize and reorient existing resources (recognizing the potential of ICT) to bring systemic reforms (use of technology... Comment

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