It's no secret around the office that I think dogs are God's greatest gift to mankind. So when I saw a story of a dog named Buddy that suffered immensely from a bout with cancer, you can be sure I would be the first to tell the world his tale.

Luckily for you guys Imgur user Z0MBGiEF has already detailed his dog's entire journey, from the discovery of the cancerous tumor, to the grueling surgery, and ultimately to his dog's victory over cancer. I'll let Z0MBGiEF take it from here.

"This year my dog Buddy got a nasty invasive tumor on his face, sadly he had to go under the knife and have a big surgery but thankfully with the amazing work of the medical team at the OSU Veterinary School of Oncology he came out on top and has fully recovered.
We got hit with a big snow storm this year, I put this here to show what he looked like before the tumor got big. It's barely noticeable here, but it's right above his left eye. At this point it's a tiny little bump and we didn't think anything of it. He gets groomed at our vet clinic every month and they didn't notice anything.

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