1. Exotic Shorthair Cats

While there are a few breeds of cats that looked like they ran into a wall and never recovered properly, the exotic shorthair is probably the goofiest-looking of them all. Their massive eyes, round faces, and long, droopy mouths give them a sad and slightly confused expression.

2. Tapir

Tapirs are odd-looking mammals that are most closely related to the rhinoceros and horse. There are four species, but they all display a long, goofy-looking snout that enables them to reach food that they otherwise might not be able to grab.

3. Proboscis Monkey

Both male and female proboscis monkeys have unusually large noses, but for the males, it’s even more pronounced— their noses are usually so huge, they cover up their mouths!

4. Elephant Seal

The male elephant seal’s large proboscis helps it make loud roaring sounds during mating season. It also has a bunch of cavities that are used to help reabsorb moisture when it breathes.

5. Blobfish

The flesh of the blobfish has a density less than that of water, which allows it to float along the ocean floor without expending a lot of energy on swimming.

6. Aye-Aye

The aye-aye is a primate with unusually large middle fingers that it uses to tap on trees and root around inside them for insects to eat. It also happens to look like someone who just realized they slept through their alarm and is an hour late for work.

7. Shoebill Stork

This endangered bird is most closely related to pelicans, and its most noteworthy feature is its broad, proportionally-awkward bill for which it was named.

8. Red-Lipped Batfish

Despite the fact that it’s a fish, these guys aren’t very good swimmers and instead use their pectoral fins to walk along the floor of the ocean. They also happen to look like great aunts with names like Mildred and Agnes.

9. Saiga

The saiga’s proboscis is not something you’d expect to see on an antelope, but it does far more than just make the animal look sexy. It filters out dust when the herds move in the summer months, and in the winter, it helps warm up the air before it reaches the lungs.

10. Parrot Fish

There might be plenty of fish in the sea, but the parrot fish looks like the jolliest of all. Their teeth are packed closely together, giving them a beak-like appearance that earned the fish its name. Of course, it also happens to make them look like they’re just giving a big, goofy grin.

11. Purple Frog

Adult male purple frogs are about a third of the length of their female counterparts, but both sexes have an equally perplexed expression on their odd faces.

12. Tarsier

The tarsier’s large eyes can reach up to 18 cm in diameter, making each one as large as the primate’s entire brain.

13. Sun Bear

The sun bear’s ridiculously long tongue helps it gain access to honey and honeycombs, for which it has an insatiable appetite. Its flat, wrinkly head gives it the appearance of a grumpy old man.

14. Star-Nosed Mole

This tiny rodent’s crazy, yet highly sensitive nose is used for finding prey, since it is technically blind. But even cooler is that the mole’s nose can smell underwater. It blows bubbles onto its surroundings and then inhales the bubbles back up through the nose to find scent trails or other objects.

15. Shar Pei

Shar Pei puppies are basically all wrinkles from head to toe, but they grow into their skin as they get older. Thankfully, even adult Shar Peis have faces that look like folded towels, giving them a funny (and completely adorable) appearance.

16. Axolotl Salamander

Like all salamanders, these guys are amphibians. But unlike other amphibians, they never lose their gills, enabling them to stay underwater for as much time as necessary. They also look like they have a crazy hairdo.

17. Emperor Tamarin Monkey

This whiskered primate was named for its resemblance to the German emperor Wilhelm II. But more importantly, all of these animals grow up to look like wise old men. All of them.

18. Pig-Nosed Turtle

They might look cute, but these unique turtles are some of the most aggressive in the world and will do just about anything to defend their territory.

19. Irrawaddy Dolphin

While they look more like beluga whales, these goofy-looking porpoises are actually most closely related to orcas. They’re also incredibly smart; fishermen in Burma have trained these wild dolphins to herd fish into their nets in exchange for some of the bycatch.

20. Pygmy Marmoset

It’s the smallest monkey in the world, but these little critters can leap up to five meters between branches. They also look like gremlins, so you probably shouldn’t feed them after midnight.

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